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training available in Ohio. This two hour training, entitled, The ABC's of Movement--Learning the Alphabet while MOVING, includes a set of activity cards for each attendee. Contact us for more information!

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Movement helps young children learn!

Laurie's Story:
Laurie Gombash is a physical therapist who holds a Master's degree in Special Education. She has worked in the public school system for more than 20 years, and has been searching for a product that could help students connect literacy to motor skills. Realizing that there was no such system on the market, and after extensive research, Laurie designed The ABC's of Movement®, a set of high quality activity cards that could accelerate a child's ability to learn.

Young children are active learners and learn best through movement, in fact it's vital to their development. By combining movement experiences with the alphabet, children learn their letters and make literacy connections while improving their large motor skills.  Throughout her professional life, Laurie has written and published numerous articles, performed research, and written two books on physical therapy related topics.  She is committed to educating others in movement enhanced learning.

The ABC's of Movement® are e
ducational activity cards that combine movement with literacy development. Children love these colorful activity cards that merge learning the alphabet with twenty six fun, noncompetitive movement experiences. Designed for children of all abilities from preschool through 1st grade, these cards were developed with learning and physical development in mind. Ideal for home and school use. These bright, bold letters and full color photographs of children make learning easy and fun!

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